Friday 5 March 2010

Spanking in dreams

EmmaJane has just made a fascinating post in which she describes dreams about being spanked.

It raises a serious question that I'd love to know the answer to:
Do you ever have dreams in which you are actually spanked and feel pain?
EmmaJane describes two dreams in her post: in the first, she is prepared for punishment but wakes up before the spanking starts. From what I've heard, this is the most common experience: the dream is about the situation, the anticipation, the emotions.

Even in the second dream that EJ describes, where the spanking does actually start, what makes an impression is the emotional impact, not the physical one. Is this everyone's (every bottom's) experience? I don't think anyone has ever told me about a dream-spanking in which they felt actual pain - and certainly not catharsis.

Let's extend this a bit further: if you're a bottom who's interested in things beyond the CP realm, do you experience them in dreams as physically as you would in real life? Or is the dream experience focussed on different aspects?

There could be a Ph. D. thesis here. Are any psychologists reading this?


  1. Given that we don't remember most of our dreams I can't give a full answer. As I explained in the post, the second one was all about the person who was doing it and the wrongness of the situation which made me very uncomfortable. Not something I'd want to recreate in real life.

    I very rarely have kinky dreams I remember though. Which why the lastest spate has surprised me.

  2. Ack! I swear your site hates me HH. I just wrote a really long reply only to have blogger eat it. ::sob::

    My answer: yes to both. Yes I dream about being spanked. Yes I feel pain in dreams.

    More later -- it's a great question. All the more for the realization I'll be able to talk to you about it in person.

  3. I don't feel pain in spanking dreams, but that's because I don't feel any tactile information in dreams. My dreams are mostly touchless; hence painless spankings.

    The only pain in dreams comes when a corresponding body part is bothering me in reality. So, when I have a sufficiently sore bottom, it may translate to having a sore bottom in a dream :)

  4. My experience is pretty much exactly the same as Haron's. Touch, smell and taste are all missing senses in my dreams. I thought that was a fairly standard aspect of the human condition but apparently not :)

  5. I was always under the impression that we woke up in dreams to avoid 'unpleasant' situations. However, I have 'died' in a dream (and then came back to life), and discussing this my daughter surprised me by saying that she often dies in dreams, coming back as a ghost. She also feels pain, but both my husband and myself only feel emotional pain not physical, unless the body is actually experiencing pain such as a cramp in the leg which infiltrates the dream. Perhaps there are no hard and fast rules? I feel for EmmaJane as I have had dreams which just won't go away, but seem to take over from everything else for days.
    Totally unrelated, my nicest dream was of being a leopard, stretched out on a branch in the sun - the most contented I have ever felt, but unfortunately have been unable to go back there!

  6. I have had a painful dream before. It was not about spanking, but rather about someone robbing my house and stabbing me in the back. I think what actually happened was that I had a sharp pain in my back due to a cramp or something, and my dream accounted for it in its storyline.

    My spanking dreams have all been of the anticipation - wake - up - before - the - spanking type.

  7. Let me add, it's nice to see an update on here after so long!

  8. In more detail, now that I can finally get back to this most interesting blog question is that I dream about spanking pretty frequently and about 25-50% of the time, it follows through to the act and even aftermath. These tend to be nightmares more often than fantasies. I'm frequently really helpless and quite frightened. They can be hot to think about afterwards, but at the time feel dark and painful.

    Which gets to the issue of feeling pain. I've always felt sensation in in dreams, and tend to re-live painful experiences there. In addition to spanking / thrashing dreams, I re-live breaking my ankle and the blinding, horrible pain that came with that, about once every other month. My spanking dreams, by in large, have me cast as the child that I was rather than the adult as I am. The pain and fear can be great enough that I end up crying and /or calling out in my sleep. Paul seems to have become rather adept at quieting me without waking me so much I can't fall back to sleep. Sadly, I also have panic attacks in my sleep and wake feeling I'm having a heart attack.

    This one one of the reasons I'm careful about what I experience and what I don't as it's very likely disturbing experiences will be revived and relived repeatedly. Too many of these dreams in a row trigger insomnia as I become frightened of sleeping.

    I always assumed this was the case for everyone until I got to college and discovered most people don't experience sensation or taste in dreams. My other more unusual tendency is to dream in serial... I have a few good dreams that have gone on most of my life, not as re-occuring dreams but with each night adding a new part / chapter. Those I really enjoy, for the most part.

  9. Physical sensation often enters into the dream, at least for me, like when I need to pee I can have a strong physical need to pee in my dream. Then I wake up.
    But I also have dreams with very pleasant physical sensations when swimming like a seal under water. Or taking off flying over the heads of others, by a distict mental/physical volontary act.
    But I very rarely dream I spank anyone. :-(
    On the other hand I some times dream that all the girls have a crush on me. Is that what they call compensatory dreaming?
    I have been a musician in bands - not too talented. Among my best dreams are those where I effortless improvise lovely music on guitar, which was my instrument. Also I played the drums in a blues band, and one night I woke up and understood all about samba rythm, got up and beat the beat with my hands singing *Braziiil'!
    Next morning it was gone.....

  10. Thanks for the fascinating replies! It does seem that for most people dreams are all about the emotional aspects, either pain or contentment, and physical sensation enters only when there's a real sensation that finds expression in the dream. But not for Mija...

    Very interesting! To be continued in person with some of you, and soonest with Mija this weekend :-)

  11. My dreams seem to be about me dying or being pregnant most of the time or utter rubbish (which I guess the first two can classify as). Kinky dreams in which I'm about to be spanked - rarely.
    Can remember two and in both situation the spanking hasn't occurred (in the second one actually, water from bathroom flooded the house and then the whole house fallen apart - everything so that I won't get caned - charming ;) ).
    Anyway, I don't think there was any anticipation in the dream really. Not that I remember it.

    But there is an interesting thing, most of the people said that they don't feel the what about having dream after an intense or long play when your bottom is tender? Wouldn't that make it easier to actually dream about FEELING the spanking/pain?

  12. I very rarely have dreams about spankings. In most cases, the action stops after just a couple of whacks or no action takes place at all.When no action takes place, I find myself disappointed before and after I wake up.