Monday 1 February 2010

Fantasizing about reality

One thing I love to do in role-play is to add authentic touches to a scene. Because of that, I spend (waste?) a lot of time reading historical accounts of situations that might provide scene-fodder. I love sites like that document the history of corporal punishment, and (as you've seen) I do a lot of my own digging in the archives. I also scour Ebay and the like, looking for authentic uniforms, accessories, insignia. And of course authentic implements.

I know that not everyone approves of this. Some people feel it's too close to the bone, perhaps even that it trivialises real suffering. I can see that argument, but I don't agree with it. The scenes I do in role-play may borrow some elements from reality, but I use the parts I find appealing and discard the parts I don't. The resulting scenes aren't the real thing and in playing with them I don't condone the real thing. Even a school caning was pretty unpleasant in reality.

Well, that's the principle. But just occasionally there's a news item that's just too perfect, and I came across one today. It's about a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, who caught an 18-year-old girl doing naughty things with her boyfriend in a parked car:

A six-member Tarrant County jury convicted Craig Arlen Murrah of official oppression because he mistreated the 18-year-old after ordering her out of her car in Oakhurst Park shortly after 1 a.m. on June 22, 2007.

The woman, now 20, testified during the two-day trial that she and her boyfriend were having sex in the car when they saw the lights of a patrol car as it pulled into the parking lot.

She tried to get dressed but was still nude from the waist down when Murrah made her get out of the car and put her hands behind her back. That caused her to drop the shirt covering her lower body. Murrah forced her to bend over and spanked her on her naked bottom, she said.

Official oppression? I didn't know that was an offence!

But I don't need to add much to turn this into a fantasy. In my version, of course, I am that cop. I recognise the girl as the spoilt daughter of a local politician, who knows just how displeased Daddy will be if she's brought home in a police car. There'll be no way to keep it out of the local paper: her father's "family values" campaign will be in tatters, and her longed-for Caribbean cruise will evaporate in an instant. How much easier to accept the spanking she knows she deserves, right there in the parking lot...

Hmm. I may have to photograph this.


  1. Hey, wait a minute! She wasn't wanking in that parking lot-- there was somebody else there. Surely it was the local family values minister's son, and this has to be an M/MF (or F/MF, I'm not picky) scene.

    Surely that the officer only spanked her suggests a less than honest interest in upholding the law...

  2. I love this idea. Any chance you're coming over to my side of the Atlantic sometime soon? I think my twisted mind will crawl into Gutterville and fantasise for a bit. Lovely article =D

  3. There are some more details of the incident on another site:

    "The woman said that Officer Murrah told her that she could be arrested for having sex in the park. He asked her, 'Do you want to learn your lesson now or do you want to go to jail?'

    After saying that he did not believe she had learned a lesson, Murrah ordered her to bend over and spanked her.

    Murrah said that the woman, eager to prevent the couple from going to jail, had offered him sex. 'I was even angrier and said I should slap her for saying that,' he wrote. 'I slapped her on the backside several times. I then told her that she needed to stay out of trouble and told her to go home.'"

  4. oh, please do! (photograph, I mean)

    I can see the cheeks of one of your 'poor' playmates burning with shame when you first make the arrest. hahahaha... well done!

  5. @Indy: Yes, I agree. If the officer had taken the precaution of spanking the boy as well, he might not have been so quick to report the event...

  6. Being fairly deeply immersed in Nineteenth Century social history, I did have reservations about the use of Eliza Screese's sufferings in role play and as such tried to find out more about her life. She was born/christened in 1827 to William and Rebecca Screese but does not appear on the Census' for Hoo Workhouse, and I cannot locate her anywhere on the census', so hope that she changed her name through marriage and had a happier life.
    However, I did come across the following, which I didn't know if you'd seen:

    JANUARY 1841

    At the inquiry before magistrates at Rochester into the charges against James Miles, Master of the Hoo Union Workhouse, several witnesses gave accounts of beatings of boys and girls. The Maidstone Journal reported that Martha Davies, an inmate of the workhouse since its opening in 1836, was an orphan. She did not know how old she was (in fact, she was born in 1832). She had been beaten on the naked buttocks by the Master. Frances Roberts said that she had stayed at the workhouse for five months until the preceding May. She told magistrates: ‘I have seen Eliza Screese flogged. The Master told her to lay herself upon the table in the hall and directed me to hold her down. I was not able because I was near my confinement. I don’t know how many stripes for I turned away and knelt on the coal box. If I had not, I should have fainted away. I saw Screese punished twice since by the Master who made her take her clothes off down to her waist. I have also seen Mary Paste once flogged in the laundry by the Master. Mary Paste was then 14 years of age. She was flogged with a rod on her naked back, her clothes being removed down to the waist. Her chemise was bloody when she went about her work. I saw little Jemmy Davis flogged with a stick by the Master. He was then turned two years. I afterwards on the same evening saw great gashes on his thigh. He carried the marks for a month afterwards.’ Ruth Bills, an epileptic who, during a fit had fallen into the fire, was described as being ‘horribly disfigured by a burn, having lost an eye and part of her face.’ She had been in the workhouse for four years. She told the court: ‘I have seen Sarah Barnes flogged twice by the Master. The Master pulled up her clothes and beat her on the lower part of her person.’

    Mary Lowes, an inmate for about eight months, remembered Eliza Screese being beaten.
    She told magistrates: ‘Mary Paste and I had to hold her down. The Master called me to hold her and I begged him to excuse me because I had children of my own. He said, “Don’t let us have any of your damned nonsense or I’ll serve you the same.”’ Miles was dismissed from his post but there was no prosecution.

  7. @Patrician: Actually, yes, I did see that one. But it's a very good example of the case in point: it has too many elements that don't fit my personal fantasies and ideas. As I said, I take the elements that appeal and exclude those that don't. The passage you quote shows the unpleasant side of the reality and illustrates just the sort of thing that I exclude from the version I use.

  8. Interesting that you should mention This was probably the first website that I came across when I starting searching for cp related things online in the early 2000s. Now I could probably look at it with more detachment, and, as you say, take the elements that appeal to use in fantasy withouth condoning the real life events that occured.
    However, when I first went on line I was unable to do this. I was still at a stage of being very uncomfortable with my desires, and it was with a certain amount of revulsion that I read my way (avidly) through the corpun material. The revulsion was because I had not yet seperated in my head my own desires from reality. Years of telling myself I was wrong had made me believe that because I found the idea of me as a school girl being punished attractive, it meant that I condoned real children being punished. Of course, I've come to realise how ridiculous that is, but it took a while, and a lot of me wishes I had found later on in my journey rather than at the start.
    Well, this is now the beginnings of a post, so I think I will go and carry on on my own blog!

  9. Oh to be a police officer...!

    Great find!

  10. I too found very useful and informative when I realised that the internet was amind of information about the scene. I really don't see why corporal punishment shouldn't be returned to society. Kids today don't know boundaries, they get away with anything with just a slap on the wrist. There are some Amreican schools that still use the paddle. I'm not talking about a caning like the Hong Kong style, just some attitude adjustment, moderate to light strokes applied to the bare buttocks by a peer at least a year older. They will soon learn some responsibility and respect. If I was caught speeding and there was the option of cp then I would jump at the chance or taking it rather than paying a fine, especially if it was administered by a sturdy female police seargent. I grew up in the eighties and we were obssessed with the cane, we watched Julie Bell get a hand caning in Grange Hill and Holly Aird in the Happy Valley. My friend was caught bunking off games and due a caning already from our headmistress begged to be caned every week. She said he wouldn't last two weeks, but he stuck out four, before she just gave him a detention.
    Nothing wrong with it at all.

  11. Dear Henry, I thougt you had given up this blog, after recent events with Niki.
    Only today did I get aware that it is up and running. And I found your latest posting very interesting. Now, there are some things relevant to the topic that I'd prefer first commenting in a pm or mail to you. But I cannot find any link to a mail adress on these pages. I believe you still have my adress. (And Dolores has it.) Can you in some way send me a mail adress I can use, if you dont wish to include it in your blog?
    My very best wishes, from your friend in Norway (some times known as Frants, we discussed among other things some history research, and dragon canes).

  12. There is one chapter of Englis history that lends itself to all kinds of fantasies, because (it seems) so little unbiased research has been done: the transportation of 25000 girls or women, all aged 15-30, mostly in their 20s, to Australia for 7 or 14 years of slavery. Around 1800 plus/minus. An alleged eyewitness story, anyway contemporary, speaks of much flogging and abuse. I believe all such stories, remember recent findings in Ireland.

  13. hi, this has nothing to do with your post. you say in the 'about me' section that people can write to you to tell you about themselves, but i can't find an email address. can you email me on thanks.