Wednesday 10 March 2010

San Francisco Spanking Party

Who's going to the San Francisco Spanking Party that Zille is organising this weekend?

I'm very much looking forward to it and would love to hear from people who'll be there. I'm never very good at introducing myself to complete strangers, so it would be good to exchange a message or an email beforehand. If you don't want to comment here, send email to the address in my profile.

I'm aiming for the prize for "furthest traveller" :-)

And just for good measure, here are a couple of gratuitous photos of a very appealing girl-pile taken at Shadow Lane a few years ago. Or should that be a pile of very appealing girls?


  1. Hope you have fun :)

    I can only identify half of those faces - Clare, Niki, Pixie and Bailey. Who are the others?

  2. @Pandora: Samantha Woodley, Lizzy Madison, Sierra Salem...

  3. And waht if a reword for being the furthest raveler is caning? LEt's say a stroke for each...100 miles? :P (see that was rather generous ;) )

    Hope you has fun :)

  4. I hope you had a nice time!

  5. Seems our friend likes it so much over there that he is in no hurry to go back home. (Which is no surprise if he has met the crowds of, Chantasbitches and TopGrl.....)

  6. Hello; I have a spanking blog to.
    I wonder if you like exchange links betwen our blogs.

    Let me know

    Best regards


  7. HH, what happened? Did you meet Claire Adams?! Did you marry her?

  8. OOOps, sorry, no edit function. Claire is of course busy with Damon Pierce.
    Maybe you met Dia Zerva then? And went to Las Vegas?

  9. Did they all get a whacking? I hope so!

  10. How I wish we can join that spanking party. We love getting spanked that is why I believe that we belong in that kind of party.