Thursday 7 January 2010

A Victorian School

I do love book catalogues. Here's a description I just found:
Regulations for the Catholic Girls' School at Ugbrook

Chudleigh: printed by J.E. Searle. 1841. 8vo., (2) + 8 + (2) pp., original pale green card covers. A fine copy. First (and only?) edition: very rare. OCLC, COPAC & NSTC together locate copies only at British Library and Emory University, Atlanta (Pitts Theological Library). There is also a copy at Georgetown University.

A nice example of a prospectus for a private girls' school in early Victorian Devon. The school was established by Lord Clifford of Chudleigh for the education of the female children of the tenants, servants, or labourers on his estate, or tradesmen in the employ of his family at Ugbrook.

The Regulations include rules for corporal punishment (children must 'submit willingly'). Of the 16 Regulations, no fewer than 7 are to do with punishments for faults, the emphasis being on 'disgrace', 'obstinacy', 'penance', 'correction', and so forth. Orphan girls were each to be allocated to 'a respectable married woman of known mild character in the neighbourhood', who would act in loco parentis.

At £200 or so for 8 pages, it seems a bit steep. But still.


  1. That's, uh, quite a price.

    Nice find, though. I hope a kinky millionaire buys it and gets a lot of pleasure out of it.

  2. Wow £200, that's a bit over the top, rather than over the knees.

  3. Google this and look on National Library of Australia Online and go to 'copies direct' as only a pamphlet probably much cheaper, if photocopy acceptable.

  4. Just curious, did you buy this?

  5. I love illustrating this type of thing. Checkout: