Friday 1 January 2010

New Year caning in the snow

Kami Robertson is visiting me for New Year. We were originally planning to go to Allentown for the Tar Barrels parade, but it snowed quite heavily during the evening even down here in the valley and the Met Office were promising heavier falls overnight, so heading up into the hills seemed a bad idea.

But as midnight approached the sky cleared and the fresh snow glowed under a nearly full moon. So we headed out into the countryside, armed with a cane and a camera. And just down the road we found a nicely placed gate.

As the hour approached Kami took down her jeans and climbed onto the gate. And as the clocks struck twelve I gave her a smart dozen.

The caning lasted quite a bit longer than the clocks took to strike, because the young lady wriggled so much.

And as all good-girl canings should, it ended with a hug:

There was actually much more snow than shows in the photos, but I had nowhere to put the flash but on the ground and a lot of the snow is in shadow.

Here's a picture of Kami's bottom half an hour afterwards, back in the warm and after the gentle application of some soothing cream. The marks would be a little low for some girls, but for Kami this is just right. The group of three strokes on top of one another in the crease probably account for some of the wriggling. She's very tender there this morning.

Kami says that the caning was much more painful than even a normal "cold caning": if you want to know more about that, read Kami's own account - with a different set of pictures of the event.

Happy New Year!


  1. You are a cruel man, but guess I knew that already ;)

    Great pics and poor Kami but she seems to have 'enjoyed' it!!

  2. Brrr. It would have been way too cold for me. The marks are nice though, and the low positioning of the stokes must feel great to sit on =)

  3. The placement of those marks look perfect to me. eing striped on that area makes it virtually impossible to sit without feeling the smart all over again, how lovely!

    Happy New Year!


  4. Happy new year :)

    Mmm, pretty photos and pretty marks. A caning in the snow is definitely not for me (unless I've been truly disobedient, I guess) but this sounds like an extreme, beautiful experience.

    Did you get to see any of the fireworks, or were you too busy concentrating? :)

  5. Great idea a new year's caning in the cold.Must have been an enormeous sting in the buttocks and the low welts will remind the girl to her punishment for some days when sitting down.
    In summer wearing a swimsuit it would be difficult to hide the marks from curious glances.
    For me there could be more of those welts even lower across the thighs I love welted thighs...

  6. Soothing cream? You are such a softie. But I guess it would have been rather cruel to rub snow on her hot butt.