Monday 11 January 2010

A smacked bottom on display in the snow

What do you do when a little brat throws snowballs at you in a public park? And then, despite all your warnings, takes hold of a tree and shakes it so that snow cascades all over you? Well, if the brat is EmmaJane, you take her by the ear and lead her to the nearest bench, and there you take down her pants and smack her soundly on the bare bottom.

And then, to make sure she understands how cold and unpleasant snow can be, you make her sit bare-bottomed in it until she pleads prettily.

Finally, you let her up, her red bottom still glowing from the spanking...

...and put her on display over a convenient gate to reflect on her misbehaviour while you admire the imprint in the snow.

More details of how this happened EmmaJane's blog...


  1. So much fun to be had in the snow...and all I did with mine was make a snowman :( what a waste!
    Lovely pictures, especially the wonderfully framed Emma Jane on display over that convenient gate :)

  2. Had forgotten about the gate bit :)

    Great pics!

  3. I'm utterly shocked I EVER felt safe in your presence HH :P. I will never feel that though again - I'm sure of that ;).
    You have serious snow obsession...eek!
    And I bloody hope it will melt soon... LOL

    Actually, no, it's not just you HH who is crazy, you are both equally crazy LOL Hard to decide which one more :P

  4. @Kami: You felt safe, did you? Well, we have an odd definition of "safe" in this game of ours :-).

  5. did I? LOL
    And safe is not the only word that has odd definition ;)

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  7. The final one of these is particularly evocative. A gate to a castle, perhaps? The town tradition in olden days would surely have seen lasses who'd been flogged at the whipping post taken subsequently to the castle gate and made to display themselves for a period of time. The nobleman inside would have had a clear view from his window - and might occasionally have wandered down to inspect the punished girls. Who knows, he might even occasionally have selected one to take back inside with him to warm a cold winter's day...

  8. The gate one was well composed. There mustn't have been any visitors to that park in that area at the time :)

    I like your photographic skills!

  9. Very cool pictures!

  10. I hope you got 'six of the best', the very best on your bare bottom, in the snow. I am sure it warmed your naked derriere, or I hope so.