Saturday 16 January 2010

Japanese schoolgirl switched in the snow

Kami Robertson was here for a few days around New Year. The snow just kept falling, and we thought that a Japanese schoolgirl in the snow might be quite appealing. So we came up with a little photostory...

Young Haruka is a lucky girl. Her uncle gave her two ponies for her birthday last summer, and she has been having a lot of fun taking care of them, feeding them, making much of them, and occasionally riding them.

But now it's winter, and it's not so much fun going out to feed them in the dark evenings. last night she stopped off at a friend's house after school, and she was tired when she got home. She decided they could manage for once.

But overnight there was a big snow storm, and in the morning her ponies did not look happy at all. Haruka's uncle was not pleased when he realised she had left them to fend for themselves. What had she been thinking of? Her poor ponies had had no shelter, no blankets. Their drinking water had been frozen solid, and in the deep snow there was no grass that they could reach to eat.

Haruka was horrified by her own thoughtlessness and didn't protest when her uncle insisted that she go out to feed them in only her summer school uniform. If the ponies had spent the night in the cold, without their blankets, she could suffer a little cold while she fed them.

But that was not all her uncle had in mind. Once the ponies had been fed and watered, he handed her a knife and sent her to cut a switch from the ash-tree at the edge of the paddock. She knew what that meant, and though her heart sank she knew she deserved it. So she fetched the switch and presented it to him obediently. And obediently she bent over the fence and let him lift her skirt, the winter air chill on her bare skin.

He took his time, gliding the switch up and down. Haruka shivered as she waited. At last he began, flicking the switch down time and time again until Haruka's bottom and thighs were criss-crossed with thin red lines.

He wasn't brutal with her, but the thin switch bit sharply on her cold flesh. Haruka yelped and squirmed, the fire in her bottom displacing any thought of the chill winter air.

It was a very chastened Haruka who was eventually allowed to climb off the fence, rub her bottom, and run inside to warm herself in front of the big log fire.

Haruka has posted her own account, with some more pictures.

Monday 11 January 2010

A smacked bottom on display in the snow

What do you do when a little brat throws snowballs at you in a public park? And then, despite all your warnings, takes hold of a tree and shakes it so that snow cascades all over you? Well, if the brat is EmmaJane, you take her by the ear and lead her to the nearest bench, and there you take down her pants and smack her soundly on the bare bottom.

And then, to make sure she understands how cold and unpleasant snow can be, you make her sit bare-bottomed in it until she pleads prettily.

Finally, you let her up, her red bottom still glowing from the spanking...

...and put her on display over a convenient gate to reflect on her misbehaviour while you admire the imprint in the snow.

More details of how this happened EmmaJane's blog...

Thursday 7 January 2010

A Victorian School

I do love book catalogues. Here's a description I just found:
Regulations for the Catholic Girls' School at Ugbrook

Chudleigh: printed by J.E. Searle. 1841. 8vo., (2) + 8 + (2) pp., original pale green card covers. A fine copy. First (and only?) edition: very rare. OCLC, COPAC & NSTC together locate copies only at British Library and Emory University, Atlanta (Pitts Theological Library). There is also a copy at Georgetown University.

A nice example of a prospectus for a private girls' school in early Victorian Devon. The school was established by Lord Clifford of Chudleigh for the education of the female children of the tenants, servants, or labourers on his estate, or tradesmen in the employ of his family at Ugbrook.

The Regulations include rules for corporal punishment (children must 'submit willingly'). Of the 16 Regulations, no fewer than 7 are to do with punishments for faults, the emphasis being on 'disgrace', 'obstinacy', 'penance', 'correction', and so forth. Orphan girls were each to be allocated to 'a respectable married woman of known mild character in the neighbourhood', who would act in loco parentis.

At £200 or so for 8 pages, it seems a bit steep. But still.

Friday 1 January 2010

New Year caning in the snow

Kami Robertson is visiting me for New Year. We were originally planning to go to Allentown for the Tar Barrels parade, but it snowed quite heavily during the evening even down here in the valley and the Met Office were promising heavier falls overnight, so heading up into the hills seemed a bad idea.

But as midnight approached the sky cleared and the fresh snow glowed under a nearly full moon. So we headed out into the countryside, armed with a cane and a camera. And just down the road we found a nicely placed gate.

As the hour approached Kami took down her jeans and climbed onto the gate. And as the clocks struck twelve I gave her a smart dozen.

The caning lasted quite a bit longer than the clocks took to strike, because the young lady wriggled so much.

And as all good-girl canings should, it ended with a hug:

There was actually much more snow than shows in the photos, but I had nowhere to put the flash but on the ground and a lot of the snow is in shadow.

Here's a picture of Kami's bottom half an hour afterwards, back in the warm and after the gentle application of some soothing cream. The marks would be a little low for some girls, but for Kami this is just right. The group of three strokes on top of one another in the crease probably account for some of the wriggling. She's very tender there this morning.

Kami says that the caning was much more painful than even a normal "cold caning": if you want to know more about that, read Kami's own account - with a different set of pictures of the event.

Happy New Year!