Saturday 25 December 2010

Lying naked in the snow

Somewhere else in that weekend, EmmaJane looked out through the window into the frozen garden and announced that she was interested in doing some photography. I didn't quite understand what she meant to begin with, but it became clear.

She couldn't quite decide which shot she wanted to post as her Christmas photo, so eventually we agreed that she'd post one and I'd post another. Here it is.

Somewhere between the sitting shots and the lying-down shots, the sun came out. But have you any idea how cold it is to lie down naked in the snow? She's a brave and crazy girl.

But doesn't she look good?


  1. This picture and the one on EJ's site are beautiful. However, even in the warmth of a Santa Monica winter, I can't stop shivering. Brrr!

  2. Beautiful! Snow is pretty much a hard limit of mine - being cold is just the wrong sort of not fun - but these are utterly gorgeous. Well done both of you, I hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

  3. She looks beautiful. The cold certainly had a good effect on her nipples. Added a nice element to the photo.


  4. Calender girls: spring pics coming soon?

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  7. I really enjoyed this piece, – thanks so much for articulating fantasy v. reality in such a sweet, engaging way. A pleasure to read!